Teacher of The Month Mr. Boyd

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Teacher of The Month Mr. Boyd

Karla Cano

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This week Santa Fe South has chosen the teacher of the month for April and this month it goes to Mr.Boyd!!

Mr.Boyd graduated college from The University of Oklahoma. He has been teaching for 9 years at SFS. He’s known for teaching Men’s Studies but he’s mostly known for teaching Senior Seminar.

He decided to come to SFS because he started volunteering at the middle school and the high school and then he was asked to be a long term sub at the high school. He fell in love with the students so he decided to apply and he got offered a job as a teacher and coach but a fun fact was that he never got interviewed.

What he enjoys about teaching the most is  interacting with students and helping students find what they are really interested in. On the other hand what he hates the most about teaching is grading because its the hardest doing it alone and it is also boring because he enjoys interacting with others.

He wants everyone to know that his class is the best class in the entire school and that it relates the most to the real world and what they are going to do next in life/future.

Something Mr.Boyd is proud of is being married for 30 years with the same women and becoming a father to 11 children. Growing up he definitely didn’t think he was going to be a teacher, he changed his mind many times and also has had  many careers.

When he’s not working and he has free time he enjoys spending it with his family or his church family.