Teacher of The Month: Mrs. Stroud

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Teacher of The Month: Mrs. Stroud

Karla Cano

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This week Santa Fe South staff has chosen the Teacher of the Month of March and this month it goes to Mrs. Stroud!!

Mrs. Stroud graduated from The University of Oklahoma. She has been teaching for about two years, and she teaches U.S History and Newspaper.

She decided to come to SFS because it had a great reputation and she felt immediately comfortable here.

What she enjoys about teaching the most are the students: she says the students are the best part of it.

When asked what she hates about teaching she says hate is a strong word, so she doesn’t hate anything about teaching. A quick fact about Mrs. Stroud is SFS is the only place she has ever taught.

She wants everyone to know she is very understanding with her students and curious about them so she asks a lot of questions to her students.

Something Mrs. Stroud is proud of is she’s graduating this year with her Master’s Degree in Counseling from OU and she’s super happy about that! She says she is pretty close to doing what she wanted to do while growing up.

When she’s not working she enjoys hanging out with her husband and friends as well as spending time with her family. She also loves to listen to music, read, travel, and watch sports.

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