Teacher of the Month: Mr. Elizondo

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Teacher of the Month: Mr. Elizondo

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This month at Santa Fe South High School the Teacher of the Month goes to Mr. Elizondo! We asked him a few questions about himself…

He graduated from Dallas Baptist University and he has been teaching for 5 years. He teaches Digital Media and College Ready Math.

What made him come to SFS was he had heard great things about this place and he knew people who taught here.

Mr. Elizondo enjoys helping students learn things they never thought they could do.

What he does hate about teaching is all the adult parts such as paperwork and grading.

He has taught in Texas at 2 middle schools, and he taught at the Santa Fe South Middle School before coming here.

Mr. Elizondo would like students to know he enjoys seeing students succeed but he also has high expectations.

Something he is most proud of is being a parent of 3 children. He did not want to be a teacher growing up: he wanted to do video work or be on TV! When he is not working he likes to do fun things with his family,watch the NBA, and listen to music.

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