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Album Review: amo

Album Review: amo

January 25, 2019


Bring Me the Horizon is an English rock band from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, formed in 2004. Their music including their debut album Count Your Blessings is described as being deathcore rock, however their style of music has changed drastically during the years, changing to a more electric metalcore type sound in newer albums. A lot of their fans, especially older fans don’t like their new sound, even going as far as to call it pop. In 2015 Bring Me the Horizon released their 5th studio album That’s the Spirit to critical acclaim but their older fans criticized the band of selling out due to producing a more mainstream album. Ever since there has been calls for them to go back to their old sound by some but the band has said they don’t listen to that kind of music anymore so they won’t.

That brings us to 2018 were the band released the single “MANTRA” a day later revealing it was the lead single for their upcoming album amo set to be released early 2019. “MANTRA” along with the follow up single “wonderful life” received a mostly positive reaction from fans, since though not deathcore they had heavy drums and riffs that satisfied the rock fans. The last two singles “medicine” and “mother tongue” received more backlash from fans being more pop and very different from anything they’d done before. The full album released January 25, 2019 and I would definitely recommend giving it a listen. Even if you’re not a rock fan there is a chance you’ll like something on this album as a lot of it is not traditional rock. Something I really enjoyed about it is that every single track is different so there is never a dull moment.

Lead singer Oli Sykes has said that this album was inspired by “Death, Divorce, Rebirth, and Love.” A huge theme of this album has been the pain Oli went through after his divorce from Hannah Pixie Snowdon, after he found out she had an affair. The album also expresses Oli’s rebirth or getting over his ex-wife as well as the love he now had for new wife, Brazilian model Alissa Salls.

When Oli met Alissa she didn’t know much English, “She didn’t speak so much English. She talked a lot better than my Portuguese, but from the very start, we had a really, really strong connection and it was just a crazy time. And this song’s just talking about those experiences, which they just stick in my head. So, that was really one of the easier ones to write about.” -Oli Sykes, Beats 1 DJ. Even though there was a language barrier they had a strong connection so she is also a huge part of this album. “mother tongue” is a song dedicated to Alissa and even has some Portuguese in it. The title of the album amo is also Portuguese for love but also for master. Oli has said that love can sometimes feel like the other person is your master especially in a relationship going sour, making the dual meaning in the title perfect for the album.

Oli also dedicated the last track on the album “i don’t know what to say” to his friend who passed away from cancer. The songs about how he wishes he had been there for his final days and how he simply doesn’t know what to say. I believe the album has something for everyone, whether it be the lyrics or the differing styles of music throughout the album.



Full Track List:

01. i apologize if you feel something


03. nihilist blues (feat. Grimes)

04. in the dark

05. wonderful life (feat. Dani Filth)

06. ouch

07. medicine

08. sugar honey ice & tea

09. why you gotta kick me when i’m down

10. fresh bruises

11. mother tongue

12. heavy metal (feat. Rahzel)

13. i don’t know what to say

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