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Nayeli Murillo, Reporter, Senior Editor

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It all started with applying to Oklahoma State University!

Getting accepted to college has been one of my biggest blessing ever! Oklahoma State University in Stillwater has submitted me to begin classes in Fall 2019 at there University.

I applied in August 21st, 2018 because I knew that University was the one. I was extremely confident about my application that I decided to start and finish the application.  -September 17, 2019 was the day about my acceptance! Over the weekend, I came home after work to some really good news! I was accepted to Oklahoma State University! And I was proud and extremely happy that they saw something in me.

My motives are my grandmother and my bother and all the people that I think about everyday. I get up everyday for them and thinking that I will get far even if I fall, I will get up every time. I get lots of support from both of them and this was such a honest blessing.

My plan is to attend Oklahoma State University- Oklahoma City first, to complete a two-year program and manage my money correctly. There I plan to get my Associate’s Degree and move forward to Oklahoma State University- Stillwater to complete two more years and receive my Bachelor’s Degree just like I plan.

I plan to study Management- General Business at OSU-OKC and Marketing at OSU- Stillwater if everything turns out to be like I plan.

Thank you Santa Fe South schools, for all the incredible years of learning and creating this life to success.

Once a Saint, Always a Saint!

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