Teacher of The Month Mr. Mills

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Teacher of The Month Mr. Mills

Karla Cano

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This week Santa Fe South has chosen the teacher of the month for the start of this wonderful year and it goes to Mr.Mills!!

Mr. Mills graduated college and got his bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma Baptist University and his master’s degree from Oklahoma State University. This is his 2nd year of teaching and he teaches English 12 and Drama class.

He decided to come to SFS for two reasons: he really liked Ms.Maz and Ms.Howell and also because he felt like this school was unique.

What he enjoys about teaching the most is him being able to teacher us students new things as well as us the students. On the other hand what he hates about teaching is the meeting the teachers have. Fun fact is that this is his first actual real job as being a teacher.

He wants everyone to know that his class is unique as different but also fun.

Something he is most proud of doing is bringing his first baby to this world. Growing up he has always dreamed about teaching.

When he’s not working and he has free time he enjoys hanging out with his wife and his baby as well has traveling, watching old movies, and going out to eat.

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