Teacher of The Month Mr. Pound

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Teacher of The Month Mr. Pound

Karla Cano, Reporter

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This week Santa Fe South has chosen the teacher of the month for December and this month it goes to Mr.Pound!! 

Mr. Pound graduated collage from Southern Nazarene University. He has been teaching for about a year and a half but has been a tutoring teacher since 5th Grade. He’s known for teaching Algebra II and Economics. He also taught at OIC, Turning Point and was a Trainer for a local bank.

He decided to come to SFS for two reasons: the first was because its on the south-side, he noticed we are the people who need the most help.The second reason was because he says we are a charter school so we don’t have to follow the other schools.

What he enjoys about teaching the most is he’s addicted to seeing his students eyes light up when they understand something. On the other hand what he hates about teaching is when people do not learn and it’s because of two main reasons: one is they don’t want to learn it and the second is that they are too behind to learn them and they need to catch up in order for him to teach them.

He wants everyone to know “The universe is a logical place that makes sense to people who understand math. I can explain to my kids why the grass is green and the sky is blue, and you can too. Math is the hidden language of reality. Life is less confusing if you understand math.”

Something Mr. Pound is proud of is becoming a teacher after working in the corporate world. Growing up he didn’t think of being a teacher , instead he wanted to be a state trooper and give speeding tickets to people.

When he’s not working and he has free time he enjoys being a gamer.

Congratulations on being Teacher of the Month Mr.Pound!! 


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