Teacher Of The Month Ms. Glenn

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Teacher Of The Month Ms. Glenn

Noemy Salinas, Reporter

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This week at Santa Fe South we did another Teacher of the Month and that teacher of the month today is Ms.Glenn!

I interviewed her and some of the questions we asked her was ¨where did you graduate from?” and her response  was UCO.

We also asked her how many years has she been teaching and shes been teaching for 17 years and she now teaches Art here and always has,nothing else.

What made her decide to come to SFS was Mr.Brewster, Brewster always wanted her to teach here at Santa Fe South and so she came here.

What Ms.Glenn enjoys about teaching is watching other people be creative & enjoy playing with her brushes. What Ms.Glenn hates about teaching the most is grading but its for the school so she needs too.. She has taught at two other schools: Christian Heritage Academy and Capital Hill HS for 6 months.

Ms. Glenn would like us to know she is an open book, she is extra on holidays, and she loves seeing her kids be creative and succeed.

Something that Ms.Glenn has done and that she is most proud of is she started her own Ceramics business on the side. What she is doing now was not what she wanted to do, she wanted to be a voice actor for Disney movies.

And finally we asked what she likes to do when she is not working and she likes to travel, be in her art studio and always experimenting  and trying new things!

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