Up and Coming Basketball Players Profile

Victor Escobedo, Reporter

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Alfonzo Cano

Point Guard / Wing

# 2

Birthday: January 21st

Class of 2020

Hometown: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Height: 5’9″

Coach: Hayden Blessing

Position Point Guard and Wing

A little about Alfonzo…

Having played basketball as a child with close friends and family, Alfonso began taking interest in the sport. He was motivated to start playing regularly by his elementary teacher. Basketball to him is something he enjoys doing. “When I’m playing, I have a clear mind. I don’t think about anything” is how he feels whenever he plays the sport. Alfonso considers his family to be the most important thing in his life, and plans after graduating in 2020 to go onto college and major in Architectural Engineering. Some of his future goals are going farther this year in the State Tournament an and hopefully become an All-City Player by next year.





Sophia Philips

# 21

Wing / Post


Birthday: December 15th

Class of 2020

Hometown: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Height: 5’5″

Coach: Damon Guthery Sr.

Position: Post and Wing

A little about Sophia..

She began playing basketball in 6th grade and since then has done so along with playing Softball. Sophia considers herself a very outgoing, athletic person and enjoys having fun. She is very competitive on the court during games. Taking up basketball, she hopes to improve her plays and become physically and mentally stronger this year. After graduating in 2020 she plans on going to college and playing either softball or basketball there. Her most important goal in life is making her mother and grandparents proud, as they have done a lot to help get her to the point that she is at.



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