Teacher of the Month: Mrs. Grant

Noemy Salinas and Karla Cano

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Teacher of the Month is Mrs. Grant!

Mrs. Grant graduated from OU. She has been teaching for over 12 years at Santa Fe South. She teaches Senior Seminar and Women Studies. What made her decide to come to SFS is her husband told her about the job here at SFS. What she enjoys the most about teaching is building relationships with students and families and helping find college opportunities for the students. Something Mrs. Grant hates about teaching is when students don’t do their work because she expects them to work hard like she does for them. She has never taught anywhere else before, just Santa Fe South. What Mrs. Grant would like students to know about her and her class is she is a caring person and she loves helping students achieve their dreams. She is most proud of coming into this country as an undocumented immigrant and she was the first to graduate high school and college from her family.She didn’t want to be a teacher growing up – she wanted to be a doctor.When Mrs.Grant is not working she spends time with her 3 boys and running, but she says she normally never has free time

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