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Saints Hidden Talents

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Santa  Fe South is not your ordinary school. There are many Saints here with a variety of different talents. Many of them are well-known for their talent and others you have to dig a little deeper to find out. Here are some of our Saints and their hidden talents:

Joseph Moran- Senior, Artist

Joseph is a talented artist and is passionate about his art.

When asked when his talent was discovered he answered, “I discovered it in kindergarten. The first thing I remember drawing is a dog and I noticed it was a good drawing and my teacher complimented my drawing. That sparked my interest.” Joseph said “I used to draw all the time, but since senior year has started I haven’t had much time to draw. I see myself as a future artist.”

Mrs. Stroud- U.S History/ Newspaper, Bowling

If you didn’t know, Mrs. Stroud is extremely good at bowling!

Our lovely newspaper director stated she is not a professional but she said, “I’ve always enjoyed it and started practicing more and more until I became really good at it.” Mrs. Stroud averages 150- 175 pins every time she plays and she plays about 3-4 times a month on her spare time. If she had any advice to give any one who wants to improve their bowling skills, is to keep practicing. Mrs. Stroud says she does not see herself as a professional bowling player, but she does enjoy the sport! 

Jesus Orquiz- Baker/ Pastry Chef

One of our very own Saints has a passion for baking!

Jesus is a sophomore here at Santa Fe South and enjoys baking. He first discovered his talent for baking when he was really young because his mom would let him bake along with her. Jesus plans on making a career out of what he does and possibly open his own bakery. He states that he believes he has grown so much skill-wise recently. He also stated , “I have come to love what I do and although I still have a long way to go, I am going to continue working hard to improve even more.” Check out more of his finished products on his instagram @jesussss_13!      

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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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Saints Hidden Talents