Getting To Know Jace Kirk

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Jace Kirk is the new Dean of Students here at Santa Fe South. We asked him a couple of  questions…

We asked “How long have you been in education and what subjects did you teach before?” and Jace response was he has been in education for 3 days, but before he had been a pastor for 14 years which is somewhat of a teacher. Before his hire at SFS he worked at a nonprofit agency focused on community development and he worked there for 13 years. He was president of the SFS school board for 6 years so he brings a different experience to the table.

We also asked him what are some of the best things about SFS and he said “Santa Fe doesn’t give up on people. Many schools, specifically charter schools, if you dont make the cut, they find you a place to be. Santa Fe believes that once a saint, always a saint, and they are always willing to work with you no matter what. Like in other schools when you get in trouble they take out a handbook and say this is the amount of days you are suspended but at Santa Fe they restore justice which takes a bit of more time. Jace said “A better thing for students experiencing discipline issues is to say what can we do to make the situation right?” and ask for flexibility.

The next question was “What are some new things or ideas you hope to bring to SFS?” Jace Kirk said he didn’t have many ideas to bring but he plans to focus on students who haven’t been to Santa Fe South before in our school community. He wants to talk to them one on one about differences and trimesters and our grading system. He wants to help freshmen understand that this is high school and this where your grades start to matter.  Jace wants students to know that “The thing I’m interested in the most is seeing them succeed and that’s what I’m here for.”

The last question we asked was ” What do you like to do on your free time?” and his response was “I haven’t had any free time in the previous week but I enjoy spending time with my family. Even though half of my family doesn’t have the same blood, they are family in my heart.”

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