If You Were a Smell What Would Yours Be?

Noemy Salinas and Shelsy Escobedo

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We asked students and teachers “If you were a smell what would it be?”

Saul Diaz, Sophomore : “Pizza because it smells really good.”

Kevon Martorell, Senior: ” Chocolate because I love chocolate.”

Sandra Raygoza, Senior: “A sunflower because they are so beautiful.”

Desmond Lewis, Freshman: “Fried chicken because I can’t think of anything else!”

Erik Esquivel, Sophomore: “The sweet smell of freedom because it does not smell like anything.”

German Arroyo, Junior: “Polo Ralph Lauren Cologne.”

Mr.Furley: “Deodorant. ”

CPL Gonzalez: “Pine trees.”

Sophia Phillips, Junior: “Snow because it doesn’t smell either good or bad.”

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