SWOLE WEEK: Capture the Princess

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SWOLE WEEK: Capture the Princess

Nayeli Murillo, A&E Reporter

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The Princess was taken on the school’s parking lot Monday, August 27 during the second hour of school. Student Council organized the event as part of SWOLE Week and it went off without a hitch.

48 pony figures and flowers were hidden through the parking lot. The flowers were worth 3 points and the ponies were worth 1 point. The freshman got 44 total points, and the seniors were not far behind with 39 points.

Mrs. Serverson, the organizer of SWOLE WEEK, was directing the announcements and keeping the scores up to date. The hunt took 45 minutes to hide all the ponies and flowers, and 30 minutes to find them. The freshman took the win and found the most.

Afterwards the whole class celebrated with dancing. They played Mexican music, rap, and pop music so students can dance. After the activity students had to go back to class for 3rd hour. Also, many students were dressed up as their SWOLE week class movie to show support for their class. 


Freshman Theme= Toys Story

Sophomore Theme= Monster Inc.

Junior Theme=Alice and Wonderland

Senior Theme= Coco


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