Lonzo Escobedo: El Charro de La Santa Fe

Victor Escobedo, Senior Editor

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Lonzo on top of La Quora


Students at SFS HS are known for our work ethic and endeavors to gain prosperity in education but there’s also students who have interesting hobbies out of school.

Lonzo Escobedo is a senior at Santa Fe South. Being a predominately Hispanic school, our heritage is a major factor of our school’s identity. Being from Guanajuato, Mexico, Lonzo has been around Mexican influence since he was born. Lonzo says ” I remember as a kid in El Rancho hearing corridos, sometimes Laberinto, and my favorite song was Caballos De Patana “.  He continues, ” The love for horses and charrería instantly became apparent to me due to my family’s love for it”. He states the tradition is very rich in Mexican culture and heritage. Lonzo plans on continuing his family’s legacy and support his culture to the fullest extent. Some of his most prized memories from participating in Charreadas are winning $500 and a Cuerno De Vaca for placing among the finalists. “Also there’s the baile and taborazo that happens right after. Nothing’s better then la ambiente animada ” Lonzo  says.

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