2018 Prom Gallery

Kelly Ramirez, Reporter

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  • Oscar Garcia and his date Maritza Guerrero

  • David Castillo and Diana Fraire

  • Juan Sanchez and Jazmin Zapata

  • Alan Noriega and Jaqueline Saldana

  • Saints dancing the night away.

  • From left to right: Claudio Murillo, David Munoz, Emanuel Sanroman, Angel Rayos, and Anthony Flores

  • From left to right: Dunia Dominguez, Marlen Medina, Karen Flores, Lizette Ortega, and their friend Nancy, Jennifer Chavez

  • From left to right: Alex Esquivel, Jose Franco, Carlos Villa,and Bryan Fraire

  • Dylan Arriaga and Yarency Gonzalez

  • Saints showing their best dance moves.

  • From left to right: Christian's date, Christian Martinez, Hannah Castillo and Jose Franco

  • Johnathan Herrera and his date

  • Mr. & Mrs. Garcia, Ms. Harper and her date.

  • Hannah Castillo and Jose Franco

  • Marlen Medina, Ashley Gonazlez, Dunia Dominguez , Lizette Ortega

  • Elias Hernandez and his date

  • Saints line dancing to the Cha Cha Slide.

  • Maria Mata, Juana Sanchez, and Alejandro McHenry

  • Shelsy Escobedo, Araceli Mendez, Anjelica Espinoza, and Tyhara Jimenez

  • Karla Jimenez and Nancy Roman

  • Angel Enriquez, Daniel Lara, and Joaquin Gardea

  • Christian Sanroman and Karla Jimenez

  • Gabriel Castillo and Victor Martinez

  • David Munoz and Claudio Murillo

  • Saints dancing.

  • Daniela Frias and her friend

  • Alexis Leal and his date

  • From left to right: Hannah Castillo, Dunia Duminguez, Karen Flores, Jennifer Chavez, Marlen Medina, Lizette Ortega, and Marisol Padilla

  • Joaquin Najera and Dylan Arriaga

  • From left to right: Jennifer Cisneros, Jessica Lopez, Raquel Villegas, Karina Montalvo, and Stephanie Galindo

  • Alexcia Rios, Erika Contreras, Johnathan Herrera, Stephanie Hernandez

  • Daisy Bonilla and her friend, Cynthia Alferes, Leslie Valaquez, Caroline Preciado

  • Angel Rayos, Emanuel Sanroman, Alondra Garibay, Ariana Garcia

  • Alexcia Rios, Erika Contreras, Stephanie Hernandez

  • Karina Montalvo, Jennifer Cisneros, Rebecca Maldonado,Raquel Villages

  • Mr. Brewster, Ben Brewster and his date, Mrs. Mazariegos , Mrs. Brewster, Delisha Brewster

  • Ms.Ross and her fiance

  • Carlos Espinoza and Araceli Espinoza

  • Jaqueline Saldana, Iliana Barrientos, Luis Archila, Aylin Mendez

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