Top One on State Choir!

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Top One on State Choir!

Nayeli Murillo, A & E Reporter

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On April 20th, 2018, an amazing performance was performed by three students. Two juniors, Emely Chavez and Nicole Crespo, and senior, Ben Brewster. The judging took place by scoring one to four with one being superior and four being the lowest. Our performers represented a 1! Many competitors were scored one as well, but Emely Chavez and Nicole Crespo had been the only Santa Fe South female contestants that had been given a 1 in the past years.

Name: Emely Chavez

Grade: 11th Grade

Hometown: Oklahoma City

Number of years Involved: 11 years in Choir

Vocal Range: Soprano 1

Emely Chavez was introduced to choir since the first grade at her elementary school, Capitol Hill, from then she’s been in every other school’s choir. When she first joined Santa Fe South Elementary in 4th grade, she enjoyed her choir class and did many solos. What inspired her to join was that it was a  requirement by the school, but for her it was always exciting so she continued taking classes in middle school. Her favorite kind of music she likes singing to is Korean. She believes it’s different and unique. While on stage, she has overcome her battle with stage fright, because she was afraid to perform when she was younger. but now she looks forward to see an audience and enjoying the crowd. Lastly, Emely describes how choir is not a hobby for her, it’s a need. She feels passionate about singing and dancing and without it there’s nothing.

“Making it to state was an amazing experience, but I couldn’t have made it without the help of my friends Nicole and Ben, also my teacher who always pushes me to my limit.” -Emely Chavez


Name: Ben Brewster

Grade: 12th Grade

Hometown: Oklahoma City

Number of years Involved: 4 years in Choir

Vocal Range: Two Octaves

Ben Brewster is a senior this year, he enjoyed his last year in Choir by going to State. He managed to put four years of choir in high school by having classes like Mixed Choir. He believes it’s typically more advanced. The genre that Ben selects to listen and sing to is Classical Sounds. By singing, he feels comfortable on stage, but he experiences nervousness at first. The journey he experience as well is pushing to do better. Ben became brave to go to State and compete.

“It can come naturally, but it only flourishes with hard work and dedication.”- Ben Brewster

Name: Nicole Crespo

Grade: 11th Grade

Hometown: Oklahoma City

Number of years Involved: 5 years in Choir

Vocal Range:  Soprano and Alto

Nicole Crespo is known as a brave performer with a passion for singing. Nicole continues her singing experience at this moment with years in being in Choir classes. Going to state was an amazing decision she made. She had the potential and she had her best friend by her side which made her feel more comfortable. Nicole carries an interest in singing and listening to any type of music.  At first, she was nervous to performed in front of audience, but over time she became comfortable to express herself. Singing and music has became a huge part of her lifetime and school year.

“I want people to know they shouldn’t be afraid to do something like this even if you don’t think you’re good enough, never doubt your abilities and reach for the stars. That’s what I plan to do.” -Nicole Crespo


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