Adopt A Saint

Itzel Dominguez, A&E

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  • Angeles Sandoval posing for a picture with her Little Saint.

  • Little Saints enjoying a coloring activity.

  • Mr. Carter having a "snowball" fight.

  • Luis Villa and Billy Castaneda posing with a Little Saint.

  • Emily Garcia, Christian Arenevar, and Cesar Martinez with Little Saints.

  • Adalia Duran posing with her little Saint.

  • Saints with their Little Saints.

  • Saints enjoying a Christmas movie.

  • Little Saint coloring Rudolf.

  • Lorena Serano and Mr. Fears posing for a picture.

  • Antonio Lozano and Johnathan Diaz posing with their Little Saints.

  • Lizbet Gaucin posing with her Little Saint.

  • Ashley Gonzalez and Carlos Villa having snack with their Little Saints

  • Cesar Escobar and his Little Saint smiling for the camera.

  • Cesar Martinez and his Little Saint posing for a picture.

  • Adrian Hernandez posing with his Little Saint.

  • Mrs. Severson dressed as Mrs. Claus.

  • Miguel Montelango, Oscar Larios, and Lorena Serrano posing for a picture.

  • Hannah Castillo and Jose Franco having a snack with their Little Saints.

  • Elias Hernandez, Mrs. Grant, Ben Brewster, and Lorena Serrano posing for a picture.

  • Erika Contreras posing with her Little Saint.

  • Max Carranza enjoying a snack with his Little Saint.

  • Juritzi Rivera and Aylin Mendez posing for a picture with their Little Saints.

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