Cross-Country State 2017

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Cross-Country State 2017

Itzel Dominguez, A&E Reporter

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This year our Cross-Country team did an amazing job. They made it to state once again. After practicing non-stop everyday after school since school started in August. They were looking forward to hopefully making it to state and they did. For Regionals, they placed second and three runners made it to Top 15.

  • Juan Sanchez – 3rd place
  • David Gonzalez- 5th place
  • Oscar Larios- 15th place

State this year was held at Edmond Santa Fe on October 28th at 12:45 P.M. Our runners were very excited for this race. They had been practicing and putting so much work in. As a result, we got sixth place as a school. Here is how everyone placed:

  • 16th David Gonzalez 17:10
  • 33rd Max Diaz 17:37
  • 51st Israel Concha 17:59
  • 58th Cesar Martinez 18:07
  • 63rd Oscar Larios 18:15
  • 66th Juan Sanchez  18:16
  • 93rd Hector Gonzalez 19:14

We had 2 runners break their PR. Unfortunately, none of our runners made top 15. However, sophomore, David Gonzalez, got 16th place and first in our school, PR’d with 17:10 and was also 1 second away from making top 15 and going to All State. We interviewed David and he told us, “I think I did my best, I really enjoyed practicing with the team, and I really think that the team put in the work and they were extremely dedicated to the team. I will run next year to try and improve my time and hopefully later on get a scholarship. I think I could’ve done a little better but I wouldn’t take anything back.”

The top three from our school were David Gonzalez, Israel Concha, and Max Diaz. We also talked to Israel Concha who’s PR is 17:02 and he said, “This year wasn’t my best, but it wasn’t my worst either. I started the season off strong, but then I started to go down. What I truly loved the most about Cross-Country was just how close I got to my teammates. We all gave it our all in every race, I will for sure be running Cross-Country next year.”

Lastly we interviewed Senior Juan Sanchez who’s PR is 17:08. He had been one of the top 3 runners this season. “I really enjoyed the atmosphere and just getting to be able to run with people that I call my brothers. I feel like we did exceptionally well, but I also feel like we could’ve done better. Some of our runners kinda slacked off but once that last half of the season kicked in they kicked it up a notch. I do plan running in college, that’s if I get any offers but I’m also looking at walking on. There is nothing that I could’ve done to make my season better. I gave it my best every single day and gave my blood, sweat, and tears for this team this year. I really enjoyed my season, it may not have been the outcome that I wanted, but I am still grateful and looking forward to Track. The thing I will miss most about Cross- Country is just getting to compete and being able to just run. I will also miss just getting great advice by both of coaches (Coach Brewster and Coach Garcia). I personally feel like I did good, but I wanted to do better.  I was wanting to hit 16s but I was off by a tad bit, once I go into college I feel like I’ll do even way better and get even faster.”

Another amazing year for Cross- Country team! Getting 2nd place at Regionals and 6th at State. SFS Newspaper would like to wish our seniors, Juan Sanchez and Oscar Larios the best luck in running and in college and congratulations to all the runners who ran at State.

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