Update: Queens of the South

Emily Garcia, Sports Reporter

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Unfortunately, the Santa Fe South Softball team did not come in first like they were hoping to but they did place in second.

Santa Fe South played against Southeast High School for their first game and came up short. The second game was against Capitol Hill High School and successfully won that game. The last game they played was against U.S. Grant High School and was victorious. The softball team could have place first if only they had a couple of more runs.

The Lady Saints still practice and continue to build as a team. They have learned a lot from playing in the tournament. They grasped new ways on how they can field the ball, how to make the game go more smoother, and new chants to keep the team going.

The softball team is going to continue to work as hard as they can so they can improve. They have their last games coming up and they just want to finish the season strong. Here is a link to upcoming games.

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