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Alexis Cerda

Alexis Cerda

This week, our lucky new senior is Alexis Cerda, who was born on November 22nd and transferred from Southeast High School. Alexis’ favorite teacher is Mr.Font because he tells everyone how he feels or what he is thinking straight up without sugar coating it. His favorite subject is Math because he finds it very intriguing. His favorite color is red and his favorite food would have to be enchiladas.  He said that his favorite hobby is playing soccer.

Alexis plans on attending the University of Central Oklahoma in the fall of 2018 to major in Electrical Engineering. This choice was influenced by his older brother who he admires a lot and hopes to be like him one day. His summer plans are to relax and work. When Alexis was asked about one interesting fact about himself, he explained how he is really outgoing.

Last but not least, we asked Alexis what he loved most about Santa Fe South and he said “I love how Santa Fe has a lot of students that I can get to know and how it’s really relaxed and a comfortable environment to be in.” To sum up our interview, we questioned him about what he would change about SFS, and his responsed, “Nothing in general. It’s just a great high school to be at.”

Carlos Ferrer


Carlos Ferrer

Carlos is a new senior to our school, he transferred from Capitol Hill High School. He was born on May 26th. Mr. Ferrer explains that the reason he likes it at Santa Fe South is because they motivate you to succeed in your future goals. However, if he could change one thing about our school, he said he would make teams time longer.

Carlos’ favorite teacher here is Mr.Font, his favorite subject is Math, his favorite color is blue, and his favorite food is pizza. On his free time, he can be found hanging out with friends, playing baseball, or doing something car/truck related.

After high school, Carlos plans on attending Oklahoma State University to study Mechanical Engineering. The person who inspires him the most would be his dad because he is a hard worker and has done everything in his power to keep moving forward for his family.



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