Arelli Montoya

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Arelli Montoya

Emily Garcia, Sports Reporter

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#23 Arelli Montoya


1st base

Birthday: July 24th

Class: 2020

Height: 5’7″

Weight: N/A

Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK

Coach: Coach Clark

Personal Record: N/A

A little about Arelli;

Arelli Montoya has been playing softball since 6th grade. Before Montoya came to Santa Fe South, she attended Capitol Hill High School and was a catcher. She now plays first base on the SFS varsity team. While on the team, she shows great leadership, always keeps a good vibe, and cheers on her teammates. Some of her goals this year are to beat all the inner-city schools and to improve on her hitting. She hopes this season will go well and that the team will learn how to communicate and work with each other. 

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