Cross Country Players

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Cross Country Players

Jennifer Hernandez, Sports Reporter

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Oscar Larios

Cross Country 

Birthday: June 16

Class: Senior

Hometown: Joplin, MO

Height: 5’8″

Weight: 140 lbs 

Coach: Mr. Brewster, Mr. Garcia, and Mr. Beccera

Personal Record: 5K- 17:41

A little about Oscar Larios:

Oscar Larios started Cross Country in his freshmen year because running was a way for him to forget all his worries and problems. He has continued running because it became his passion. His favorite memory is from this summer when part of the team went running up Mt. Scott. He was asked how the team was doing so far and he responded, “We have a long way to go but we are all committed.” Oscar said, “My goal for the season is to have a State Championship ring on my finger.”

Carmen Aranda 

Cross Country 

Birthday: July 31

Class: Senior

Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK

Height: 5′ 1″

Weight: 118 lbs

Coach: Mrs. Shoaf & Mrs. Meacham

Personal Record: 5K- 23:21

A little about Carmen Aranda:

Carmen Aranda started running her junior year. She wanted to be apart of the team, make more friends, and have a way to clear her head. She has continued running on the Cross Country team because it helped her learn that with hard work you can accomplish your goals. She was asked what her favorite part of being part of a team, she answered, “I love that we are a family and we are always there for each other.” Her favorite memory is running with her son when she was unable to go to practice. When asked how the team was doing she stated that they still need a lot of improvement, but with hard work they will reach their goal of going to State.


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