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2016-2017 Staff

Kassandra Gonzalez

Arts & Entertainment Reporter

Kassandra Gonzalez has been at SFS since 6th grade. She is now a senior. She has been in choir since freshman year and she is now in the varsity mixed choir. She plays piano, guitar, and violin but her favorite activity is singing....

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Edwin Meneses


Edwin Meneses is a senior at Santa Fe South, he had been at this school since his freshman year and absolutely has tons and tons of school spirit. Edwin is not only the mascot for the school but also a cheerleader and in choir....

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Nora Casas


Nora Casas is a senior and she is getting closer to the day that she will graduate with the class of 2017. She is very excited to become a graduate. She will be attending college in the future. This is her first and last year...

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Angelica Caldera

Art & Entertainment Reporter

Angelica Caldera is one of our newest member to the newspaper staff. She is a Junior here at Santa Fe South. She enjoys listening to all types of music. It is also her first year in dance class. She loves being outdoors and loves...

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Vanessa Garcia


Vanessa Garcia is a junior at Santa Fe South. Most people call her Vane for short. This is her first year in newspaper and is excited to be apart of it. She loves spending time with her friends outside of school and loves to sleep....

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Amanda Blount

Senior Editor/ Reporter

Amanda is a drummer, photographer, and worker. She tries to help anyone no matter what and wants the best for everyone. She loves writing short stories and can be very weird. She works her hardest everyday and never gives up....

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Jessica Arreguin

Sports Reporter

Jessica Arreguin is a senior at Santa Fe South. She is the new to the newspaper staff. She is 17 years old and on her free time she likes to work on cars with her boyfriend.

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Daniel Arellanes


Daniel was born in a small town in Texas called Perryton. He has lived in Oklahoma for most of his life. He is a senior and works at Johnnies. This will be his first year in newspaper. He like to play games, soccer, ride his bike,...

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Alejandra Andrade

Sports Reporter

Alejandra Andrade is a junior at Santa Fe South. It is her first year in newspaper. Alejandra has been playing soccer from a young age, and started playing varsity since freshman year. Alejandra is a outgoing person and also very...

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Noah Figueroa


Noah Figueroa Philosopher, critic, musician, campaign manager, gamer, writer, editor, innovator, creative thinker, libertarian. He tries to be the best, most well rounded person I can be. #Battlemans2k17 "Nothing matte...

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Emily Garcia

Sports Reporter

Emily Garcia is a junior at Santa Fe South. It is her first year in newspaper. Emily has been playing softball from a young age, and started soccer 2 years ago. Emily is a very funny and friendly person. She hopes to graduate...

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Stephanie Galindo

Sports Reporter

Stephanie Galindo is a junior at Santa Fe South High School and is new to newspaper. She is very friendly and enjoys helping others on her free time. She loves hanging out with her friends and just having fun. She also hopes to...

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Bridgette Duenas

Senior Editor/Reporter

Bridgette Duenas is a senior at SFS. It will be her second year in newspaper. She's excited for what the year has to bring. She plays softball and loves to spend time with her friends and family. She enjoys to read books,...

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Oscar Bonilla


Oscar Bonilla is a senior, and he is in the rowing team. He has been on the newspaper staff since his freshman year. He likes soccer, basketball, and baseball. He is a part time YouTuber, and a part time worker at Braums. His...

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Gema Mora


Gema Mora is a senior and this will be her second year in newspaper. In school, she enjoys singing in choir, especially  going to state competition and concerts. She's glad to be back to school. She is shy sometimes, but on...

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Jennifer Villafana


Jennifer Villafana is a junior here at SFS. This will be her third year in rowing and her second year as part of the newspaper staff. Jennifer's hobbies include rowing, spending a majority of her times with family, and hanging...

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Jordyn Borrego

Senior Editor/Reporter

Only a bullet can tell the tale. Jordyn is attending her final year of SFS High School and is one of the two year veteran of newspaper. During her free time, she can be found drawing or writing short stories. Her favorite...

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